almighty cock

Almighty cock, I bough to your crown, the crown from which holes are stretched and men are blessed. I praise your thickness, your stiffness, your hardness, from the balls to the tip, you are to be praised. From your soft sack springs for the elixir of life, the cream that makes man one with another. Oh Priapus bless me with the sensation of your power between my thighs. Give me the strength to praise you all day long. I wish to be filled with your love and in turn fill others with your love. I bough my head and raise my ass in praise to you, opening myself up to all that Priapus has to offer and all i have to give. Praise cock almighty for the blessing I’m about to receive.

Cock Greeting from Bro Reg in Alberta

Cock greetings David. Was great to chat with you for a little while the other evening. I am starting in on the letter that you had suggested on the delights and technique of masturbation. I was commenting on how I jack my cock and the way I do it, and I was pleased that you asked me to write to you about it. I was also very pleased to know that your last visit to Ernie’s was most pleasant and that he is a very talented and superb sucker of cocks, and of course, yours! I know from conversations with him, that he thoroughly enjoys sucking that cock of yours, and that he enjoys sucking not only your cock, but both of your balls at the same time! Sounds so good! What a beautiful way to honour the COCK god, and an honour to have the privilege of sucking the cock of the Pontifex! An honour I am sure that all of us would relish, from your photo, that cock looks simply great and fills one with a longing to take that beauty and spend hours enjoying sucking it! Yes, I was naked when I called you, just a wrist watch and a couple of cock rings, my balls were nicely relaxed and hanging, and my cock was in full erection! I sure do not have to tell you that I enjoyed a beautiful jacking off session later. I do enjoy gay videos and have quite a large library of them. Some good and hot, and some where mediocre. The one I had been watching was very beautiful, gorgeous hard cocks being deep throated, the guys taking the cocks into their mouths and throats right to the balls! Just fabulous! Yes, Im going to have to practice deep throating and learning to relax my throat muscles, I would love to take a cock to the very hilt. May do a bit of gagging to start with, but it would be an enjoyable experience ay as I was, and we enjoyed such together. Anyway, I was telling you about my buddies big cock head that would be a challenge. I sure know one thing, that big head sure feels and tastes great in my mouth and do I ever love sucking on it. I enjoy sucking on his balls too, and I enjoy sucking on mine. We give each others naked bodies a good going over, tits, belly buttons, cocks, balls and asses.

It is great to see that masturbation is so stressed in V, VI, & VIII in “I believe in the Phallus”, jacking a cock is very important and should be engaged in often. How true, the statement that Masturbation is the creator, and is an act of grace, and most certainly should be promoted and practiced at all times. Each time I masturbate it is a prayer to Priapus, and done in his honour. Masturbation is so very natural and is practiced at an early age, especially in boys. I have jacked off ever since I can remember and I loved every time. It seems so natural, as is indicated. In small boys who play with their cocks at a very early age and that should never de discouraged by anyone. The love of cock begins to develop early in life, and the act of masturbation becomes a beautiful and natural activity. I know as a kid, I was an ardent masturbator, and enjoyed masturbation with others. I had one boy who was just as horny as I was, and we enjoyed much together. We began by masturbating and ended up sucking. A very natural progression. He loved my cock and I loved his and we enjoyed many hours together enjoying each others cocks. I often wondered what happened to him. I do have some beautiful memories of those times with him.

Masturbation is one of the most beautiful ways of honoring Cock and should be a great joy and brings much pleasure. Some men unfortunately, are barbarians when it comes to their cocks and the way they masturbate their cocks. There is not the deep love and affection that every cock is entitled to, to some men the cock is just a “thing” to piss out of and to make babies, where as for others it is the most significant and beautiful thing in the world, to be enjoyed in every possible way possible. Nothing can possibly compare in the sheer beauty to a cock up in its full glorious erection. No wonder the cock has been worshipped and adored for thousands of years. We who worship cock, know of the power of Cock, our lives centre at all times on Cock. Cock fills our thoughts and without the life giving power of Cock we are nothing. Cock gives to us that deep animalistic lust where we can give ourselves totally and completely to fulfilling that animal part of our masculinity. Cock dictates and enables us to fulfill our sexual desires, with nothing held in any way shape of form. Cock is truly the centre of our being and we joyfully let Cock take over to all that we do or desire to do.

Certainly Cock is the source of life and most worthy to be worshipped and adored. The love and life manifested is fabulous and Cock gives peace to those who truly love it. Our Cocks are each temples of Priapus and we should always worship Cock with thankfulness for the gifts Cock gives us.

Besides sucking Cock, masturbation is a beautiful and meaningful form of devotion to Priapus. To fulfill our obligation to Priapus in devoting at least four hours a week to servicing the Cock, and if we are unable to have our Cocks serviced by being sucked on a regular basis, we do have the delightful option of servicing Cock by spending quality time masturbating our Cocks. To fully worship Priapus in the jacking of our Cocks, we must spend time loving Cocks and jacking off sessions long and beautiful. Jacking should always be done totally naked if at all possible; Cock, balls, tits and ass must not be concealed by any form of clothing. You need to fondle your cock. Balls tits and ass and ass hole to prepare for jacking off, in this way, the whole body joins in the delight of jacking cock. I always strip naked, my cock, balls ass and tits bare and exposed. I begin by fondling and pulling my nipples so that they are hard and erect, I stroke the cheeks of my ass, bending over to gain access to my ass hole. All this of course leads to my fondling my ass hole, and enjoy some finger fucking so I can enjoy feeling the hole relax, my finger or fingers moving in and out of the hungry hot ass hole. All this of course leads to my fondling and pulling on my balls. The room should be nice and warm so the balls are fully relaxed and hanging down in their bag, It always feels good to love up and fondle your balls! By now my Cock is in full and hot erection, standing at a forty-five degree angle from my body, my foreskin has slipped back behind my cock head which looks so sweet all bare and shiny, usually there is a bubble of precum oozing from the pink piss slit, which is just the beginning of the steady dribble of that precious clear cock juice. That sweet clear wonderful juice the Cock gives for my enjoyment, the taste of this gift is so wonderful. I love scooping it from my piss slit getting it into my mouth, to savor the gift Cock gives in abundance. I then gently caress the Cock, loving it and worshipping it, thanking Cock for all the gift given, thanking and offering my jacking to the glory and giving Priapus. To give love and to dedicate time to Cock is so very important and should be done as often as possible, and the art od jacking off is a beautiful way to praise and adore Cock. It is one of my greatest joys to be able to love and adore my Cock, and my prayer is that I may increase in my love for Cock, my Cock and the Cocks of other to whom I owe my love and affection. It is always a delight to spend time enjoying my Cock, to lovingly masturbate that beautiful organ, and to do that I must bring Cock to its fullest potential. Not to bring a Cock to its fullest potential is a tragedy, Cock should me made to be as stiff and hard as it is possible, and when Cock is standing firm and hard, gently and beautifully throbbing, the precum dribbling from the pink piss slit and running down the shaft onto the balls, you know that Cock is ready to be slowly and deliciously jacked. I love stroking the shaft, caressing the swollen head, stoking that wonderful sensitive V under the head, fondling the foreskin, the feeling slowly building up, and the great feeling that comes from your balls to the Cock head. A little lube and spit makes the Cock delightfully slippery so my hand can slide up and down the entire length of the Cock with ease, the Cock responding beautifully in turn. I like to pump my Cock slowly, getting all the good feelings from it, and feeling it getting hotter and hornier with each stroke. I slowly bring the Cock to the point where it is almost ready to shoot its hot load, then ease off, let the Cock cool down until the urge to shoot is over, then slowly work on the Cock and bring it almost to the point of shooting once again, then easing off so Cock can cool down. I enjoy doing this time after time, the longer the better. The Cock remains stiff and hard, getting more swollen with time, pausing only to scoop up the precum, fondling my hanging balls, and insert a lubed finger up into my hot asshole. The feeling of the finger up into my asshole makes Cock even more hard and excited. Sometimes I jack watching a good video with lots of great sucking and fucking going on, its great to lay back and jack as you enjoy watching guys sucking each others hard cocks, sucking beautiful hanging balls, watching a hot cock being inserted into a hungry asshole, and watching the cock fucking that hot hole. Especially I love watching a big hard wonderful cock being deep throated the most beautiful sight in the world. All this of course makes my balls fill more and more until they are hot and bulging so I know when I do shoot, I will receive a beautiful big load of cum, a wonderful gift from Priapus. I masturbate my Cock for as long as possible until I can no longer hold cock back, and without even touching my Cock, I lay back and watch my Cock throbbing and jerking as the hot white cum spurts from the piss slit into the air and all over my belly and chest. The feeling of my Cock jerking is just fabulous, a feeling that can not be described! The delight of seeing the cum spurting from that throbbing, jerking Cock is simply wonderful, and I love each spurt. It feels so warm and wonderful on my belly, chest, and tits and in the hair around my cock and balls. I rub it into my belly, chest and nipples, scoop it out of my belly button, and of course, my fingers go into my mouth so I can lick and suck the cum off of them. We should not waste the wonderful gift of cum, it should be tasted and enjoyed, it should be rubbed into the belly, tits, and balls and in ones ass crack and asshole. It is a wonderful gift from Priapus and should be used in his honour. It is so fitting that the wonderful and delicious cum is the Sacrament you give to to the member of the Temple, and what a wonderful way for the members to become one with you and each other. How they must love receiving that life giving cum from your Cock. Filling them with the spirit of Priapus. And what a joy for you as Pontifex to give of your cum fresh and hot from your cock to the brothers. It sounds just so wonderful and so fulfilling and so beautiful. I do envy the members who are fortunate to be able to partake of your cum before the alter of the Cock god.

I received your most welcome letter and the copy of COCK, and many thanks David. Very kind and thoughtful of you to write to me as I know just how busy you are at this time of the year. I must comment you in the work you do, it isn’t everyone that can handle that type of thing. I am sure your work is gratefully appreciated by the seniors, and very much so for those who are terminally ill. I am sorry to hear about Rev. Bill’s passing, even though I did not know him. It would be a great loss for the Temple and the members who knew and loved him. I am sure he and his Cock will be remembered with much love and affection by all of the members of the Temple.

Looks like you are sure busy renovating your house; it will be like new when you are finished. I can certainly understand you consternation in regards to the future in the Province of Quebec, surely people must be fed up with all this separation bull shit. So, you teach at the University along with everything else, you must have an untold amount of energy. Poor Walter, with a cold and 160 papers to mark. I imagine that he certainly isn’t a happy camper. Give him my regards. I am extremely pleased that my eager contributions to the Temple are enjoyed. I’m certainly no writer, but sure get lots of encouragement from my Cock who is usually stiff and hard every time I sit down and write. Cock gives me all of my inspiration and gives me the Cock spirit to do it. I don’t know if my letters to you are all shared with the members of the Temple or not, if not, and you feel that they are worthwhile sharing, I would be very pleased. Every letter I send is in the honour and in love of Priapus. I am so pleased that the Temple is doing so well, that is very encouraging. It is wonderful that more men are worshipping and adoring Cock and giving praise to the Cock god. As they share and worship, they will certainly find Priapus gives his many blessing and his power that we become more and more filled with the spiritual life of Cock. It is of course, always wonderful to know that the members are thoroughly enjoying their own cocks and the cocks of their fellow members. I am honored to do what I can for the Temple and for Priapus. Priapus has rewarded me by powerful cock vision and has made my cock stronger and enjoyable as never before. I feel my whole being filled with the Cock spirit, energizing and making my cock mor wonderful and more loved. I should well imagine that all of the members feel the surge of cock power in their lives as I do. It’s a fabulous feeling! Praise Priapus in all of his significant glory.

I enjoyed the issue of COCK very much as soon as it had arrived. I stripped naked and read it from front to back, my cock responding by growing beautifully hard and stiff, the way a cock should be. I’m wondering where in northern Alberta, there is an interest in forming a Temple, sounds encouraging. Loved the three “Cock Prayers’, that where beautifully composed. Loved “Down Sizing” reading that sure kept this cock of mine standing at attention, beautifully written and descriptive. We need more like that from Jay! I assume this was by Rev. Ashley! His “Lonely”, “Spring Song” is just excellent and beautifully descriptive and erotic. Thanks Rev. Ashley. The sketch on page one of COCK is really nice, tits. Balls and cock are well drawn, especially the cock head. Talking of nipples, I’m working on mine to make them larger so they can be enjoyed when being sucked, I feel the suction is really helping my nipples and increasing in size and stiffen and harden more quickly.

Enough for now David, I don’t want to totally bore you! Honestly when I have a nice hard on and my cock is dribbling precum, I become cock filled and the cock spirit just has to be put down on paper.

Written by Reg in Alberta

Hymn to masturbation

Jan 5/2012 by Pontifex francis

Hail God of Cock!
Feel you hard in the hands of His servant
We are stiff in your honour
Displaying Beauty and Love
Jerking on His Holy Cock;
Feeling so hard and proud
To be Naked and in your service.
We need you, Great Cock;
We need your power
To grant our request.
Proud and in your service
Cumming in Glory
For you Great God.
We live in you…

I belong on my knees Lord Cock,

I belong on my knees.

Let me feel the comfort of kneeling before you. I as prepare to pray, let me take in the glorious gift before me. And as I finish, let me enjoy the holy sacrament and the warmth of giving pleasure to a fellow man.

On my knees is where I feel at home. My day is busy and long, and filled with many things, but it is ultimately here where I once again feel whole. It is the reason that I live to return to this spot before you.

I feel many things in this place. Excitement, wonder, awe and privilege. I am so blessed that I have found my calling in life before you, Cock. That I constantly look forward to placing myself in front of you.

As I begin, I kneel here on the floor, my butt on my heels, waiting patiently. The man before me, the man who has so graciously offered to share his Cock with me, prepares himself as he wishes, with or without my assistance has he desires. When he is ready, I begin to service to Cock and I feel joy. Here on my knees I have found life.

Bible story

And there was Joseph, a simple farmer’s son who had come to the house of Issac. As Joseph entered, the scent and the glory of man overtook him and he knew he was in the presence of Cock.

“What say you, Joseph,” Isaac asked.

“Isaac, I have come to pay respect to Priapus for I hear he is strong within you.”

“Yes, my son,” and with a fallen robe, Joseph saw the object of light and glory he seeked. Isaac indicated to the farmer’s son to kneel and pray with him. And as Joseph stretched his mouth to engulf the Cock of Isaac, Isaac sighed in a heavenly bliss that it was right.

And Isaac knew this was a special night, for as Joseph worked the tongue and the lips over the sacred Cock, he felt at peace.

All at once, Joseph felt his spirit become one with Cock. His body vanished but he was not afraid, for he knew Priapus had given him a great gift.

For a fortnight, Joseph experienced the wonder of Cock. As the blacksmith worshipped Cock at the feet of Isaac, Joseph felt the blacksmith’s tongue completely surround him as the Cock. As the stable boy received the Cock of Isaac deep within him, Joseph was surrounded by a warmth and peace he had never known. And as Isaac spilled his seed with the farmer Adam, Joseph’s world was the explosion of cum and he felt great joy.

And as the fortnight came to darkness and Joseph found himself in his quiet bed once again, restored and rested in his own flesh, he broke down and cried in joy at what Priapus had shown him.

Sunday Prayer

Ready for service

Lord Cock,

Bless the cock I am about to service. As I fall to my knees, I am gracious for this gift and the opportunity to serve Him. As I give a gentle smile to the manhost who has provided me a cock to worship, breathe in and begin service with all my heart.

As a follower of Cock, I strive to pay attention to the rules. My purpose at this moment is to focus on what is in front of me. I touch not my cock with my hand, for it is not time for my own pleasure, only His. The man serving me this Cock deserves my undivided attention for it is his Cock where Priapus arises. My manhost is free to sit or stand, he need not say anything at all, he simply deserves the pleasure I can provide as we pray to Priapus.

The manhost who graciously provides me with his cock may not be a temple member. But I bless him just the same, and one day may he know the pleasure of dedicating a life to worship of the Cock. And as he erupts in pleasure, may Priapus bless this cum as the seed of life.


Worshipping alone with Cock

Spiritual worship of the cockWhen we discuss cock worship, many assume that the most appropriate worship is the one we do with others. Whether at a monthly temple gathering, or with our fellow brothers or friends, we worship Cock by sharing our Cock with those around us. Our purpose of worship to Him is to bring Him pleasure, to focus on a cock of a fellow man and allow Priapus to reveal Himself to us.

However it should never be assumed that this is the only way to worship Lord Cock. Your time alone spent in cock worship, by virtue of schedule or geography, is considered a holy act as well. It can bring you spiritual enlightenment and pleasure, and bring you ever closer to the ultimate goal of becoming one with Cock.

Worshipping alone is not the same as simply masturbating in your idle time. Though the mechanics may be similar, always remember worship is supposed to be a spiritual state. Begin by disrobing. Worship in the presence of Priapus requires a fully naked body, not simply an open zipper. Prepare your area as you would in a temple gathering. The mood should be calm and contemplative, to encourage spirituality. Some worshippers may spread a blanket or a mat on a floor. Remaining on your knees is always an appropriate position from which to worship.

Stroke yourself while focusing on the spiritual side of Cock Worship. Watch the erection happen and give thanks to the Lord Cock for His presence. Honor Him with pleasure as you intensify to your orgasm. Remember to take your time. No one ever showed how grateful he was to Cock by rushing.

Enjoy your time alone with Cock, and He will continue to show His gratitude with pleasure.

Being grateful for cock

worship As you begin another glorious week in service of cock, take a moment to remind yourself how grateful you are. Grateful for the ability to worship the holy cock in your own way. Grateful for the knowledge that the cock is all powerful. Grateful that you have another day to bring the ultimate pleasure to the cocks of your fellow man.

Cock worship is both a gift and a task. The task is to bring pleasure to Priapus, to allow him to rise and be visible to all. Share your gift of worship. As you prepare to give service to cock, remind yourself you serve at His pleasure. Always do your best during worship, concentrating on your technique, your gentle touch, to give as much pleasure as you can to the cock, for that his how you show your dedication and love.

Be ever grateful for your place on your knees, in service of the Lord Cock and all the pleasure you can give Him.

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thank you so much for letting me send on some questions. I really appreciate it.

i guess I shoudl probably say a little bit about me. im in college and i am raised to be very relgious, and religion and the church has always had a bit spot in my life. my religion is a very conservative one, i know that, and it has a real set of rules and beliefes and tenets and a structure and im used to that and comfortable with that. when i started realizing maybe i was into guys in ways i am not supposed to, it really threw me and its been a real problem dealing with it, but i am getting there.

i started to do some googling about being gay and religion and came across the site and priapal worship and did some research on it. then i joined the group but the only postings were pics of…well, you can guess. everything seemed to be focused on just…sex…but iw as wondering about some other thigns. i know i have read the beliefs online but i was wonderign if people really believed in it, or if it was just something they said in order to go along? I mean if someone asked you would you say you were a priapus worshiper (what is the word?) like other people say they are catholic or whatever? is there a structure to the religion? who is the “pope?” what is a worship service like? does it impact your life in ways outside of the service? what you do? does it make youa better person? to you what are the tents of the faith? this is the sort of thing i am curious about…thanks again for letting me ask.

PS Sorry to be so long getting back to you…midterms ave been killing me…thanks

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HAIL our LUST Brothers. the COCK is fed with all perversions and taboos.
> > nothing is off the table when it comes COCK’S satisfaction. i HAIL and
> > praise HIM who inhabits my COCK, who feeds me the fuckked up thoughts and
> > words for the erection, masturbation and orgasm of HIS COCK BETWEEN MY
> >