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Welcum to the TEMPLE OF COCK!

From the earliest days of civilization in practically all cultures, there has been a devotion to Life and its Source. There is evidence of Beauty created by PRIPAUS, our God, as a tool, a path to Truth, for freedom and liberation. The Worship of Cock is our Gnostic path. Heed the demands of the COCK and Truth shall be revealed to you. Worship the Great and Holy COCK as the one true source of Truth and Growth.

COCK WORSHIP: Priapian cock- worship began over 4000 in India , and 3000 years ago in Asia Minor, then moved to Greece and Egypt. However, it is even found in our Christian-Buddhist-Islam time. In some early Christian communities, there were sects involved in erotic worship, often in the nude in which ritual intercourse was part of the worship experience. We have witness to this in some of the Pagan Roman writings in criticism of the Christians. Likewise, we can appreciate the interest and prevalence of these sectarians by the repressive actions taken by the Judaic-Christian communities in the course of religious history. Nevertheless, our Temple devoted to the COCK has survived all down through the ages until once again we are proudly proclaiming the Power and Beauty of the COCK. It is that Power, the Greatness of the COCK, that can destroy evil.

WHY NOW? To a great extent the people who worship the Phallus have come to recognize the beauty of the COCK and its creative Power as well as its being the source of Joy and Pleasure. It is more importantly, the binding force in humanity. It is found in all forms of sex – gay, bi or straight. They are incomplete until one realizes that the great importance of the COCK above and beyond a temporal vehicle of pleasure and procreation, is a spiritual path. Devotees have been inspired to search for a deeper meaning to sexual expression, and have through mediation come to realize that the COCK is the Source of Life, Joy, Beauty and Pleasure. Hence, it is an honourable part of the Body and worthy of worship. When we all realize this obvious Fact and understand that the COCK as part of a new and beautiful act, the act of peace, love and beauty, will conquer evil, leaving only peace and Love. Let us adore the COCK as the path to spiritual enlightenment and use it as a magical connection from this dimension to the next. Your COCK IS A TEMPLE OF PRIAPUS. WORSHIP IT with pride!

COCK WORSHIP can take many forms. The COCK is to be honoured, no matter of race, age or personal beauty. Barriers which might exist in other social situations must fall, for during the services the outlook of the devotee is enriched in such a way that s/he ignores previous prejudices. The COCK has become Beauty itself. Its emission is regarded with reverence and joyfully consumed in communion with others present. Furthermore, the COCK is never mutilated through personal choice, but may be enhanced to focus its beauty before our eyes. The COCK SHOULD BE SHOWN TO ANY ALL WHO WISH TO WORSHIP IT. Deny not the call of the Phallus. Let it take command and show you your own path to the truth. COCKS are revered by all men and some women. All are encouraged to worship the Holy Organ. The COCK is a beacon for all to see. The Light shines form the Dick; Follow it to Nirvana.

Worship experiences as a Priapic Community occur regularly in many cities and countries. Some are organized as Temples, (see list), while others are individual or groups yearning to becum a Temple of COCK. All members MUST devote a minimum 4 hours a week to servicing the COCK, your own &/or others. You decide the method of devotion, eg. sex magic or other Gnostic expressions. Truly, this form of sexual communication commends itself to the needs of many in society and should be encouraged. As a worshipper of the Phallus, your role is to tell others of your belief in the Power of the COCK to conquer Evil through Word of Mouth to those who might be isolated from our church. This is a vital part of your devotion to our Temple of Love.


The Pontifex of PRIAPUS may be contacted in Montreal by calling Rev. Francis 514-482-1926 or e-mail him at highpriest@templepriapus.org

Or snail mail at Temple of Priapus,
P.O. Box 1164, Station “H”, Montréal, Québec, H3G 2N1


CANADA: Montreal, Ottawa/Hull, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Brownsburg (Que),

U.S.A. Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Oakland/Alameda, New England, Providence R.I., Washington, Austin (Tx), Lubbock (Tx), Madison (Wi), Ohio, Corpus Christi (Tx): American Gnostic Church – in Alliance.

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  1. says:

    Just joined the site. Am interested in the Providence Temple and in serving cock.

  2. says:

    O Lord Priapus ,As I sit in my armchair, comfortable and totally nude (as usual) , I am thus free to receiving the Pleasure of stroking Lord Cock. Through my earphones I mellow out, listening to beautifully virile voices, such as that of Scotty McCreery. As I become more mellow, I brush my pubes with my hand, enjoying the ensuing erection. With eyes still closed, I imagine my. Priapian brothers’ all touchig my dick, so as to worship Cock. Pre-cum spews forth from my cock. I then thank Loed Priapus for the Opportunity and the Power of Pleasure. Hail Priapus..
    I would love to hear your feedback and also to share interests with church followers. You can reach me at mbdenhard&gmx.com.

  3. says:

    Hello. I, too, wish to learn more about worshipping Lord Priapus. I need to drink of Sacred Semen and enjoy his other blessings, such as give thanks to where it’s due in regards to the pleasure of masturbation. Could you please. send me any pertinent information

  4. says:

    thank you very much for accepting me. I followed the Church of the Holy Cock blog, when it was, and read the newsletter, I was becoming a member, because my aspiration was to become a Diakonos, but it couldn’t be, for the closure. I also followed father Jack at the Church of Cock (wearebrothers.org) until it closed too. I’m not into satanics, at all. I worship Priapus, in the pagan ways: so sexually, foremost. I live in Barcelona.
    Thank you.

  5. says:

    There is a temple in Madison, WI? How do you get in contact with it?

  6. says:

    I live ln Ireland and long to meet followers. On Skype my Id. John3564

  7. says:

    Reverend Francis. I am in very serious need of training in the worship of cock. I’m in Houston and hope to find other worshippers here or in the established temple in Austin. May I speak with u over the phone? I wish to learn from u.

  8. says:

    I live in México Guadalajara
    Any temple here?

  9. says:

    I live in Metro Detroit, MI. There is no Temple that I know of near me. I seek to service Cock, swallow Holy Cum. If I could I would worship everyday. I need to meet other Followers & Brothers please. I use Yahoo, Facebook. I am in serious need for Lord Priapus to bless me and allow me to swallow every drop of Holy Seed. Please email me at maxluke10@gmail.com, perhaps we can correspond & eventually meet up.
    Peace & Blessings to you my Brethren in the most Holy Cock. May you be abundant in your Load.

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