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    There is no Temple in Chicago. Are there any followers of Priapus in Chicago area. reply with your e-mail and we can share our ecstacy

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    Seeking those serving Priapus in Chicago area. reply with your e-mail and we can share our ecstacy

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    Calgary Cowboy COCK
    I am in Calgary, and enjoying watching all the Cowboy COCK that is walking about as their men do last-minute shopping. Such a beautiful sight, happy tonight – walking in a winter wonderland of COWBOY COCK. GOD IT IS GREAT TO SEE.

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    I’d LOVE to know of a chapter near Columbia, SC. Thanks! xo

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    My name is bill. i am in Vancouver B.C. i want to devote myself to four hours of penis worship per week by performing fellatio, massage, and masturbation services to a man or a small group of men. i am very sincere, and will be a devoted servant. i want to offer pleasure with or without reciprocation. i will be devoted, and eager to please you. Please cum forward and claim your servant, in the name of Priapus, and all that is Holy.


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    I spent much of the day at the mall yesterday. Very busy. MY GOD was all around me – mens’ COCKS swinging in their pants as they walked past me – some very evident, others more timid.

    If you love COCK – be mindful of others that do too. Don’t be timid – LET IT SHOW. Let passers by know that HE is there -waiting to be adored.

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      Summer is a great season to witness our God. I especially give thanks to Cock when I see men in grey sweatpants or sweatshorts. My lust and passion for Cock, my God and Saviour, is increased when I see wet stains of fresh piss or cockjuice on those sweatpants. My own balls hang low and heavy. Thank you Cock for filling me with list and sacred seed to shoot and share with my cum hungry brethren!

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    I am interested in joining the Vancouver B.C. of the Church of Priapus, how do I get in contact?

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      i am also in Vancouver B.C. i have not been successful in getting into the Vancouver Church of Priapus but i would love to exchange emails with you. Please let me know if you are interested.


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      Email me privately at gvrdtop (gvrd temple of priapus) @ I have information on a local chapter that is trying to get of the ground in this city.

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    Any worshippers in the Kansas City area? Ian

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    Still looking for a follower in the Chicago area for mutual adoration and devotion.

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    Is there anyone in or near saskatoon who wishes to present his Phallus for worship and to deliver white essence to myself who enjoys such servicing.

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    when will you be in in san diego

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    My supplication for Priapus today
    MIGHTY PRIAPUS who brings us the joys and exhilaration of manly COCKS,
    Let me feel your presence as I walk the streets of New York today. Let me see bulges in mens’ pants that show evidence of your power. Let me see movement in those bulges that hint at the massive COCKS and BALLS that shift from side to side as the men walk. Let me catch a look in a fellow worshipper’s eye that says “I see you and know your love of COCK, and I am the same”

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    I am in Hillcrest

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      I would very much like to meet up with you, how do we get in touch? I have tried leaving my email address but I don’t think the moderators will allow it

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    I am very interested in meeting

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    Any cock worshippers in Orlando FL?

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    Has anyone any info on a temple in the Prairie provices where a worship can receive the sacred seed regularly / I am in Saskatoon and can travel

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      It is wonderful to carry the seed of Cock our God within us. Wonderful to taste it, to smell it, to hunger for it, and to be humbled by it.To me there is a Holy Trinity of Cock’s gifts: Sacred Sperm, Precum, and Piss. I hunger to receive these sacraments daily from Cock.

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    HOLY FUCK!!! that is amazing to have been able to worship that much COCK. You are indeed blessed among men. And those COCKS are made divine by your supplication. How life affirming. I can now dream of your benedictions and salivations with so many magnificent beings. Thank you for the inspiration.

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    MAGOG looks like a beautiful spot. Hopefully many tourist COCKS to worship. Perhaps I should plan a summer trip to become initiated in Montreal and then on to Magog for some local worship.
    Hail to all cocks – for they are mighty and bring great joy to both those who have them and those who are blessed by their presence and life force.

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    Now that I have found this brotherhood, I yearn to be a full and participating member – both supplicating before the GODS of other men’s COCKS and servicing them with adoration, devout worship and obedient rites and rituals.
    I have experienced the frustration of needing this opportunity to throw myself at your mercy and beg for a glimpse of what it would be like to experience complete devotion and bury myself in the scented glory of a man’s crotch where his GODHEAD is rooted and from which his heavy scrotum hangs. I can only imagine the bliss of being naked in the presence of the anointed ones who lead our congregation and have had the courage and magnificence to lead the way to a life of worship and fulfilment, and being able to touch the divine, or take its fullness in my mouth and suck the lifejuices from it.
    And as much as I worship the COCKS of MEN, when I gaze upon my own COCK and see HIS magnificence and receive his blessings, I feel an unworthy home to this incredible, magnanimous being who gives so much joy and life – if I am unable to lead others to worship HIM and praise HIS GLORY and receive the prayers and sacraments of those who would experience the joy of worshipping HIM.
    There is no temple nearby –I would travel wherever I need to in order to receive this sacrament and start my pilgrimage in the new life.
    If a brother hears my prayer and can help me find my way – he will be twice-blessed both by my unworthy self and my wondrous COCK. Derek416 at outlook dot com will find me waiting.

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    Any RI services?

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    Hi alucard, this is rick, i am glad to finally hear from someone in this area, i would like to worship your cock

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    Hail the cock glad to finally hear from someone in this area

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    I live in Santa Fe, NM. I would love to find other brothers for Priapus Worship and Holy Cock Adoration Services.
    Follower George

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    Hail the cock and cum brothers. Good to see Alabama getting active. Worship well! Take some down for me cos its very quiet in here from the UK. Liverpool / Manchester anyone?

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    Feliz dia feriado del Cinco de mayo les deseo a todos mis hermanos en Priapo. I said that I wish all my brothers in Priapus a happy Cinco de mayo. o5 may 14

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    HAIL THE COCK, I am in San Diego, California, have had no luck in this area finding fellow worshippers. I think i know now i must think of traveling to find fellow worshippers, I will travel to worship the MIGHTY COCK, I am looking for guys whos cocks want to be worshipped.


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    Any worshipers in the Birmingham, Al. area?

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    Greetings. Looking for Brothers and Followers in the Atlanta GA area.

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    created a yahoo group for anyone traveling or living in the atlanta ga area

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    Jay-Daddy maybe we can start one for the South East GA-TN-NC

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    Greetings Brothers! Anyone in Georgia? I’d like to meet up and worship together. If not I would like some help from locals to get a chapter started.

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    Looking for Brothers in Tennessee

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    I just joined. Live in Lafayette IN. Would love to find other brothers to worship cock together

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    I just came, but instead of needing the customary amount of time to “recuperate” before I’m horny again, Lod Cock blessed me, because I’m ready to masturbate yet again already. I’m in store for more Pleasure from Lord Priapus. How lucky! Whom else does He have blessings in store for? Could it be everyone of you?
    I’d love to hear your comments. My email is at: 11 Apr 1 4

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    I am on my knees and ready to receive you into my head.
    I will love and adore you with my lips, tongue and throat.
    Anointing me with your Holy Cream, wash my face and bless me.
    I need redemption…..

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    Pilgrim on the path of enlightenment living in northern Michigan. Have found that COCK is my reason for being. My proper place is on my knees in reverant worship of COCK and its blessing.

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    The Vancouver BC chapter of the Temple of Priapus is in the process of being resurrected, We will promise open communication, plan on at least 1 Worship Service per month. We will also have our own website and will keep things up to date.
    If there are any Vancouver members here please send me your email so I can keep individuals up to date.

    Hail Priapus, Hail our all might COCK.

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    I may be female but I love worshipping the Cock. I’m willing to relive the stress from daily life. I noticed that there is no members in southwestern Minnesota

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    Spokane loves cock iwant to services cock

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    Thank you, Pontifex Francis, for the words and prayer entitled “Hymn to Masturbation,” found on the “Home” section of this website (“Temple of Priapus”). The wording expresses in a concise manner how I feel, but I cannot express so clearly. In fact, I’ve adapted the prayer into my own private ritual.
    I’d welcome any questions or thoughts–even from my brothers in Priapus–at: 29 Mar 14

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    My s kype is Jandinair Robert and you can get in contact with me there I tried to put my email in but it moderated the comment for some reason.

  53. says:

    You can contact me at I think we need to start a forum website or something I am not sure how to get our message out there or find a place to hold mass. I don’t even know how a mass should go if only I could get into contact with the high priest that started this religion.

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    I live in Toronto, I have loved cock all my life, as I get older I need worship cock more and more each day, I’m also looking for a Temple to part of and worship is there one in Toronto

  55. says:

    I don’t understand why people don’t answer emails. Temple Priapus is the religion I have been missing all of these years. All I want to do is join in the worship of cock. I guess we will have to start our own Vancouver church.

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    Any fellow cock worshipers in Portland, Oregon?
    I’d love to meet with others, that share my devotion to the sacred cock. Email me:

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    Hey there everyone I was just wondering who I need to contact about the Temple in Vancouver BC. I see that there is/was one but I cant find any information on it.

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    This is the members directory, I am new but I see no members directory. I am in the area of Vancouver BC, where is this temple? Any members in the area let me know.

    • says:

      Welcome. What I’ve been doing is leave my email address whenever I leave a message anywhere on this website. That is the best way to procure and discuss information, etc., in the safety of private emails. You can.thus speak freely. Only people with similar interests would be on this web site. I hope this helps you. If you have any questions or just want to talk to a fellow member, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: o1 Apr 14

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    who is ritter speaking to

  60. says:

    where are you…………we could get together?

  61. says:

    I am in San Diego, California, and want to worship cocks, and receive the sacrament from the cock, how do i meet to receive this sacrament, is there any cock to give me this sacrament.

  62. says:

    Je suis assis encore une fois dans mon fauteuils. Je suis completement nu, com me d’habitude, J’aime bien communier a la nature, qui n’inclut pas simplement, par exemple, la faim et sa douleur, mais la Bite et ses besoins aussi.
    J’aimerais partager et entendre vos opinions On peut me revoyer a
    22 mar 14

  63. says:

    21mar 14. Hay alguien mas con quien puedo discutir la alabanza de la Polla, y las man eras de gozar la Sagrada Verga? Si le interesa, favor de ponerse en contact conmigo al

  64. says:

    Hay alguien mas con quien puedo

  65. says:

    21 Mar 14 I also reside in Maryland, and would like very much to commune with others from anywhere (I speak francais, espanol, portugues and auf Deutsch) over the internet about how Cock is worshipped. Please contact me at:

  66. says:

    I live in Phoenix, Az and I’m an older cock worshiper: someone that loves to worship really big shaved cock & balls connected a man with attitude that appreciates my talent and wants to kick back and order me to please him as he wishes.

    I live in Phoenix, Az, I’m into cock worship and “edging”. I like to take my time spending an hour working it up to almost climax then delay the orgasm by changing my rhythm because I love to suck cock so much I want it to last a long time.

    I enjoy taking a big cock to the “edge” and keeping at that point just before it shoots it’s load. This is where there is a shift in power. As the Cocksucker I take control. I can be trusted with this kind of power because I get turned on pleasing a man in this manner.

    So, if you like to sit back and enjoy being edged for an hour I’m your guy. I like to get you sloppy wet, make eye contact and if you are squeaky clean and bug free I’ll do what it takes to make sure your totally satisfied. WOuld love to hear for anyone who might enjoy what I have to offer. David

  67. says:

    Any Maryland men who also worship Cock? I am seeking fellow cock worshippers to commune with.

  68. says:

    Is there no one in Maryland that can hear my pleas for someone who I can Worship with? I pray for someone to come to me, or allow me to come to them, so I can worship the wonderful phallus as often as is possible. Please hear my prayer! John

  69. says:

    I am in Maryland, and now know that I need to worship Cock as much as I can. I now believe that my ultimate pleasure occurs just
    as I give ultimate pleasure to a Cock. The act is all one thing, with the Cock being the center of it all. The Cock feels my giving, and I feel the Cocks giving in return. The explosive warm gift is to be savored and loved.

  70. says:

    I doubt there’s even anyone around there anymore. And considering I got trolled from someone around that area, I can only guess there is no such temple. No from this place has contacted me, no one in charge is answering posts, I can only guess there is no temple. This whole venture here was a complete waste of time, and I’ve never felt so depressed from it. The Temple of Priapus does not exist, and probably never did. I was a fool to believe it existed, and I made a fool out of myself for even introducing myself.

    • says:

      Frank, I am new to this site too – but I put in my email address and heard from several followers. Do not believe you made a fool of yourself for introducing that you are a lover of cock. We all are and you are just one amongst us. There is a phone number on this site for the highpriest, and I called him today and he was kind and loving. I cannot wait to be initiated into the fellowship. Don’t give up. Contact me directly if you want. derek416 at outlook dot com.

  71. says:

    Looking for eager brothers in the Greater Philadelphia area who truly understand what it means to worship big beautiful man meat and strongly desire to do just that regularly in a safe, respectable way. Since there’s no formalized temple here, let’s start our own.

  72. says:

    Looking to worship and learn. Any brothers around Fayetteville North Carolina?

    Post and let me know

  73. says:

    J’aimerai faire correspondances avec d’autres personnes qui venere la Bite. Mon adresse et: Priape soit salue

  74. says:

    Hay otra persona que venera la Verga y que vive en Silver Spring, MD?

  75. says:

    Any Cock worshippers in the Silver Spring, MD area? I’m at: Hail Priapus

  76. says:

    Any Cock worshippers in the Silver Spring, MD area? I’m at:

  77. says:

    I received an e mail from someone claiming to be from the Pittsburgh Temple of Priapus who said that they were starting a new chapter in between the Carlisle and Chambersburg area where there are three priests. If someone can e mail me privately and clarify this information please, I would very much love to be a part of this temple more than anything. I have no knowledge of how to start or join a temple, and I want to dedicate my life and service to the cock. Thank you. is my correct e mail address despite the missing T.

  78. says:

    Hello. I would like to start a Temple in Australia – how can I do this?

  79. says:

    Adolfo — I do not know of a nearby Temple but I am sure we cold find a locatuion where we could show our mutual devotion and adoration

  80. says:

    Follower Adolpho — I live in a near north suburb of chicago and eager to locate a fellow follower

    • says:

      Do you know a temple or other location where we can meet & have the mutual adoration we long for? I live in the north side of the city. It would be great to get to worship soon. Any other ideas

  81. says:

    Does anyone know if any of these services are still happening today? I would love to get more involved. Email me at
    I live in Connecticut, USA and I hope to serve any.

  82. says:

    Followers Adolfo an Lee:

    I, too am in chicago and eager to learn of meetings, locations, etc. for mutual adoration

  83. says:

    I need to change my password and do not see how I can do this. Please advise at

    Blessing to my and all GODCOCKS

  84. says:

    Hi Louie Here….. I LOVE COCK…..Lickn Thos Balls….Sukn and Being Sukd…. I Love Straight acting Guys Like Myself…. With Beautiful DICKS…..I Have a Fat 7 or So COCK…. It’s 2 and Half in THK…. BIG MANLY STUD DICK….. SO JUS BLOW ME…..I Love Hairy Anus….. My Email is I NEED To Find a Church Near Ottawa Illinois…. central Illinois…..Peace/COCK….. Latr Dudes

  85. says:

    I’m a cock worshiper cum slut: someone that loves to worship really nice shaved cock & balls connected a mature man with attitude who’ll appreciates my talent and wants to kick back and be pleased.

    I like to take my time spending an hour working you up to almost climax then delay the orgasm by changing my rhythm because I get so turned on sucking cock I want it to last a while.

    So, if you like to sit back and enjoy being edged for an hour I’m your guy. I’ll get you sloppy wet, make eye contact and if you are squeaky clean and bug free I’ll do what ever it takes to make sure your totally satisfied… I live in Phoenix Az.

  86. says:

    I am looking to become a part of the religion of Priapus, but there is not temple around where I live. I’m in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. I desire to worship cock more than anything, and drink the sacred nectar that is a man’s delicious sperm. Please help.

  87. says:

    Any worshiper in the Chicago area?

  88. says:

    Let me know how to get to your office

  89. says:

    Dirty cock has a great idea when do we srart

  90. says:

    i love cock so much, i want to suck everybodys cock and suck out there cum from there rod. kiss each ball and lick up the rod.

  91. says:

    I would like to connect with other followers in So. Florida, to join or create a temple to worship, as this follower worships the Lord Priapus and would be honored to worhsip as much a humanly possile,
    brother kevin

  92. says:

    I want to meet people in New York City to start a group!

  93. says:

    Tell me when and where I am ready

  94. says:

    I saw beautiful cocks today in the gym and wanted to worship them right then and there…

  95. says:

    I have loved and yearned for cock since i was young, but never understood those feelings, but as an adult i finally understand that i am a cock worshiper, and think of cock 24/7, I live in San Diego (Hillcrest area) and would like to find guys that want their cocks worshiped,

  96. says:

    Anybody in Austin, TX? Wanna meat brothers here…


    • says:

      I’m in San Antonio and looking for a possible visit to the Temple there in Austin. Any suggestions on making arrangements on a budget to stay there for a week?


  97. says:

    Cock Worshipper in Colorado Springs, Co , looking for other members in area. Please contact me.

  98. says:

    I worshipped alone this morning, consuming my own Seed. I am wanting to kneel at the Altar of Man to pay homage aand adoration to the Cock.

  99. says:

    seeking members in New jersey that I can worship,actively.I live in suburban west Essex County

  100. says:

    i live in the St Louis MO area. Are there any members or an active Temple here? Others who want their Cock worshiped can contact me at

  101. says:


    Any worship activity in israel?

  102. says:

    Looking for worshipers in Montreal… There are supposed to be a lot here, but having trouble finding them.

  103. says:

    I recently found this Church and I live in Oklahoma is there a parish near by I can vist, Ive been worshiping cock since I was a young boy and would like to be more than a single fallower.

  104. says:

    guy4u2do2 i wish i had know of the temple in Raleigh, i just moved back to san diego, had i know i would have stayed, cause i love the phallus so much, we might even have gotten together.

  105. says:

    Hi Sub, I will definitely let you know what I find out.

  106. says:

    Hello Eric I live in San Diego, I and i would like to find out if you find a temple, i am curious to join

  107. says:

    Hello I live in both Palm Springs and San Diego. Would be interesting in joining the Oakland Church if there is not one closer to me in So Cal.

  108. says:

    I am also looking for those who would like to become active worshippers in the NE Ohio area. Or those who would offer their cocks to be worshipped – many weeks, I have only my own cock to meet the 4 hrs of worship requirement. While this is not unpleasant, I feel it would be so much more worthwhile to be able to worship the COCKs of others! Contact me at


    • says:

      I am making good progress in gathering men to form an active congregation her in the Akron/Cleveland/Canton area of NE Ohio! More are welcome! and I would appreciate a bit of guidance in getting a first worship session started.

      • says:

        I’d like more information on the temple in Cleveland and how I can get involved? Thanks for any info.

        • says:

          H, Brother Dave! I have been dragging my feet a bit of making this move forward – it involves a level of effort that I have little time for at the moment, but I have been advertising on the message boards of – Several brothers have expressed interest – one of them works for a hotel near the intersection of 71 and 18 in Medina and can possibly get us a room or suite for free. And I have several names , mostly from the Akron area, of cock-worshippers.

      • says:

        Any worshippers in the Cleveland/Akron area…. college guy here looking to partake.

  109. says:

    Are there any fellow COCK worshipers in Tennessee, preferably in or near Blount County? If there is, please email me at I would love to get in touch with other members.
    Praise Priapus and Praise Cock!

  110. says:

    New York here. Is there a temple in the Big Apple?

    Lots of people asking questions here, but few answers.

    Does anyone know?


  111. says:

    I would like information about joining the London church and meeting my fellow Cock Worshipers.

  112. says:

    new member from St Louis. Would love to make contact with other members in the area.

  113. says:

    I am looking for active worshippers in the NE Ohio area. Contact me at


  114. says:

    In Indianapolis, looking for other Brothers to worship COCK with.

  115. says:

    Also in St. Louis looking for a Temple or members to contact.

  116. says:

    I would like to join the Temple in PROVIDENCE RI. or, if there is one, in BOSTON MA. please send information thanks

  117. says:

    Any cock worshippers in the Greater Philadeldelphia area? Please email me at

  118. says:

    I just discovered this wonderful organization.
    I live in Sacramento California, and love worshiping cock.
    Any local church members nearby?

  119. says:

    Looking for members in the St. Louis Missouri area and would like to attend the local temple.

  120. says:

    I am new to this temple but have been worshiping the holy cock for a long time, looking for other member in the north eastern (Lake county) of Illinois

  121. says:

    New member from central Iowa. I’d like a fellow member to enjoy exploring cock worship locally. All hail the erect lustful cock!

  122. says:

    I am signed up and when I log in I get the main Temple page and in the upper right corner it says “Join” or “Log In.” But when I click on the second option, I am returned to the same main Temple page (dated Aug 25 by Brother Reg), and the two options are still in the same corner. It seems I cannot log in. Yet, if I have gotten to the main page, am I not already logged in? There sems to be some glitch of some sort here. HELP!!

  123. says:

    Anybody in Albuquerque, NM?

  124. says:

    NYC, Manhattan. Looking for members!

  125. says:

    I’m new here, I’m in Nashville, TN for anyone interested to worship with me let me know at

  126. says:

    Dennis J, Sacramento suburbs area.

  127. says:

    Hello Rick in San Diego( Hillcrest area) wishing to meet someone here.
    Hail the Cock

  128. says:

    Raleigh, North Carolina. Committed, practicing worshiper of the Cock, seeking true church brothers in the Triangle area.

    • says:

      I am very excited about getting involved with brothers or Temple of Priapus in Raleigh/Durham, NC

    • says:

      I would be interested in finding out more about the Raleigh temple. I am not affiliated yet, but would like to know more about COCK worship in my area. Please reply.

    • says:

      I am still only a follower, but would love to kneel before you and demonstrate my love for the holy cock and receive the sacrament of cum. I crave hard cock and drink cum often. I wait to worship with you.

    • says:

      I am desperately seeking cock to worship in the Raleigh, NC area. It would be wonderful to meet some fellow worshippers for regular praising of cock. I crave and desire the holy sacrament of sperm and piss. Bless me with your cum so I may feel the power of God cock coursing through every inch of my being. deegeeme at gmail dot com

    • says:

      love2eatmen – deegeeme at me dot com. contact me.

  129. says:

    I am VERY interested in finding a glorious cock to worship in Toronto. Help needed.

  130. says:

    I remember years ago when I first became a Temple member and there were so many communications between the Brothers. I know we are still a large Brotherhood, but where has the mutual interaction gone? I will worship cock forever, alone and with others, but would truly love to hear from some of you to further glorify PRIAPUS. HAIL HOLY COCK FOREVER!

  131. says:

    Anyone in Connecticut? I’d like to meet up and worship together. Also, if anyone has any information on joining the Temple in Woodstock CT, let me know thanks!

  132. says:

    I need to meet my Brothers of Priapus… I live in Metro Detroit, MI. I will travel. Or perhaps I should try and make my own home temple and ask others to join me?


  133. says:

    Hi. I’m in Houston and really looking 2 become a brother in a temple here. Otherwise I would luv to get into contact with brothers in Austin. I need to be taught how to worship cock properly.


  134. says:

    hello fellow friends of the cock, I live in Tucson Arizona does anyone know of a temple here that I may offer service? I am looking forward to helping relieve much stress in many cocks in every way I can

  135. says:

    I am in Maine. Would someone from the QC Church contact me?

  136. says:

    Wisconsin here. Always open to communication of all kinds. HAIL PRIAPUS! HAIL HOLY COCK!!

  137. says:

    New recruit, proud North West England, seeks high Lord Cock.

  138. says:

    anyone from Germany here ?

  139. says:

    I have just become a member and would like to know who to contact regarding the Temple in Manchester.

  140. says:

    Very glad to make the acquaintance of fellow Cock worshippers around the world! I treat every public sex session I have as a worship session, and I would be awesome to have some others who experience Cock in the same, transformative fashion.

  141. says:

    Any fellow cock worshippers in Louisiana?

  142. says:

    Fellow cock worshiper here and ready to join fellow members in Atlanta temple

  143. says:

    I am a Cock-Worshipper in Colorado wanting Satan’s seed any members/followers in Colorado?

  144. says:

    I’d love to start worshipping in a temple and go to service in Woodstock CT. Can you put me in contact with those who run that temple so that I may become a part of the temple? Thanks, Hail Cock – Brian

  145. says:

    I live in Harrison bc, I want to try out and join the church. Any suggestions?

  146. says:

    like to be a uk member and temple worshipper of cock. Manchester closest but also fellow brother in London. Thanks. stu x

  147. says:

    Hail Cock. I would like to become a member here in London. Billy

  148. says:

    At 33 years old, three words can define me: 1: HONEST. 2: INTENSE. 3. EXPRESSIVE. For the rest, I am a healthy young professional, proud of being a male to myself and the others, and the supreme guidance and vital energy of COCK WORSHIP inspires me to be a better human being with a stronger spirit. I live in Montreal and I have found in the Temple of Priapus a path to continue worshiping my cock and the cocks of men who think and feel in a similar way. I would be glad to become a member and to be in touch with the fraternity, worshiping and supporting the community according to the rules.
    Merci mille fois !

  149. says:

    I would like to learn more in the UK, how I can serve the Church and meet men of Power and aura.

  150. says:

    I am a cock worshiper and would like to learn more about the Temple

  151. says:

    I live in Ireland are there any followers here

  152. says:

    Canada slave worshiper, Skype sire.king.

  153. says:

    Temple of Priapus’ site is inspiring and I look forward to being a member someday.

    • says:

      Very well phrased. I couldn’t agree more. Maybe you could email me, (at::, so we could discuss the worship of Cock, and other related topics. That way, we can speak freely.
      Look forward to chatting with you. –Mike. 31 Mar 14

  154. says:

    I live in San Francisco and am looking for local members for regular worship. Thank you. — Harry

  155. says:

    I would like to join.I am from Michigan. Please give me any information.Thanks.Patrick

    • says:

      Greetings, Patrick. I am a COCK worshipper from The U.P. There is no Temple around me that I know of, but I frequently and regularly Worship Cock. The feeling I get when I recieve COCK into my being is so wonderful! To be Blessed with COCKS wonderful essence is the ultimate reward.

  156. says:

    I would like to become a member of the Church of Priapus and would like to join a Temple in South Florida. I would appreciate any advice that you could give me.

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